List #4: Things I dream of

November 15, 2017


- water is a recurring topic in my dreams

- my dad comes often too :)

- lately I’ve been dreaming of my dear friend George Reiff who passed a few months ago

- I dream of cities with lots of trees and less concrete!

- no more guns

- a bunch of our politicians be put on space shuttle and sent to some other galaxy 

- not so many cars in the world

- no more plastic

- no more wars (that’s a no brainer!!)

- an entire closet of shoes and boots 

- a bedroom with a slide that lands in a saline pool that’s 82-85 degrees

- an entire guitar store at my disposal

- horses and goats in my backyard

- oh yes…a house with a nice backyard too :)

- being able to speak every language existing 

- barter as the only accepted currency

- a world where people don’t just listen to music for free but they also support the artists …. (lost cause!)

- a world where everyone EVERYONE…let me say it again, EVERYONE, once again EVERYONE has access to health care and education


and with this I’m gonna stop cause it’s just gonna get ugly! :)


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