List #2: Things I strongly dislike

October 23, 2017

I could say hate but it is too strong a word…


- insects, especially cockroaches and skinny legged ones like praying mantises

- being shocked by static electricity when I get out of the car 

- chestnuts

- plastic and styrofoam (especially in the oceans)

- waste of all sorts: energy, food…

- too much wrapping used for foods and takeaway food

- socks that roll down in your boots

- people who speak loudly (for no reason) in public places

- people who don’t ever reply their emails (seriously…how much time does it take to say “no thank you”!!??)

- traffic

- cars

- stupidity

- too many words

- people who are in charge who are just trying to make more and more money

- the fact that our society is money- based

- the Italian expression “piuttosto che” used inappropriately

-dishonest people

- gossips and gossipers

- those who are constantly working an angle

- envious people too

- strong perfumes, especially some women’s sweet fragrances

- cilantro

- owners who don’t pick up after their dogs

- the fact that my plants never last too long despite my efforts!

- men with short socks when wearing fancy shoes and a suit

- having a cold and a sore throat

- TV


I think it’s enough for now.

What do you strongly dislike???



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