Have you kissed a toad today?

October 2, 2017

Have you ever kissed a toad?


I have. For the very first time in my life in Terlingua, Tx.

I had never done it before.

I found this cute little brown toad hanging out in front of the bathroom door at the Starlight Theatre where I was playing.

I picked him up, held him in the palm of my hand and gave him a kiss.


“Maybe he’ll turn into a prince!!!” I was thinking.


He got scared, terrified, poor thing and he peed on me.





He probably thought I was a horrible monster…definitely not his princess!!


But the point is: I kissed a toad!

I have done something for the first time….now I can say that in my life I kissed a toad, in Terlingua Texas.

But, what does it mean, to kiss a toad???


I think kissing a toad means taking chances, we can kiss toads everyday of our life…we do it every time we keep an open mind, we try something new…something that might or might not turn into a charming prince charming…


It’s good for you to try new things ….who knows???


That thing you never considered doing might turn into the best that ever happened to you.

That person you never spoke to because you didn’t like his/her appearence  might turn into a friend, that guy you thought was pretty insignificant and shallow might open his mouth and tell you exactly what you needed to hear that day….





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