GIULIA, way more than a Car!

September 23, 2017

A year and a half ago, while I was about to release my fifth record, Moonbeam Parade, I started wondering whether or not I should change my name to a more friendly one: Julia!


Since I moved to the States my name has challenged many people, from customer service workers on the phone, to fans who were trying to remember my name or look for it in the wide ocean that is the internet…

Over these past 5 years my name has not only been misspelled, but it has been mispronounced in a number of ways:


- GH- I - LIA : with a strong guttural G sound as in Gilly, or guard, or Guinea pig

- GH- U - I - LIA: with the hard G sound AND inverting the vowels as in Ghoul

- GH- I - U -LIA: correct order of vowels but still, that hard G sound as in GUILTY!


Then for some reason, people who could figure out the J sound, would call me 

JULIANA!… Thus adding the extra syllable “na” that’s not there!!!


Puzzling uh???


What I could never understand is that Americans say “GIANT” with a soft G sound…

or GINGER, or GIULIANI (Mayor of New York)….so

WHY CAN”T THEY SAY GI - U - LIA with a soft G sound????


What was I to do?

An artist, a “public figure” whose name is:

- hard to remember

- hard to spell

- hard to read with the proper pronunciation!!!



I was just about to change it to JULIA and get it over with!!!!




Giulia is my name.

I was born and raised in Italy.

The Italian alphabet has 21 letters, where the English one has 26. In Italian we don’t have J, K, Y, X and W.


This is why my name is spelled with GI, instead of a J…the sound is exactly the same though.


I’m glad I didn’t change it. I’m proud of my name.

It makes me unique….if you google me I am the ONLY Giulia Millanta! 

And it’s Italian and I’m Italian, and it’s the name my sister Francesca picked for me!


I love it and I’m gonna wear it proudly!



Your Giulia Millanta


ps. Thank God now Giulia Alfa Romeo, the car, is becoming popular in the States…there’s a commercial on TV that says my name right!!!

The commercial should say:


“GIULIA way more than a car… she is Giulia Millanta!”


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