5 Books I Loved in 2016

December 21, 2016

Before sharing with you my list of the 5 books I loved in 2016, a question ( a legitimate one) comes to mind: DO people still read books?

I honestly find it harder and harder to make room for that in my life and I constantly try to keep my reading alive!


Please share with me your list. It doesn't have to be 5 books...it can be only 1 or 2.

Tell me about the book you are reading...tell me something about books!


Here's my list of the 5 books I  recently read and fell in love with.

I hope this will give you some ideas and be a source of inspiration.


Here we go (No specific order. This is not a chart!)


1- Journal d'un Corps- Daniel Pennac. 

It's in french but you can find it in pretty much every language. Pennac is a funny, witty, deep and unexpected. I love every single one of his books. This one is the last one I read and I could not put it down. 

It gives you a different prospective on things, to say the least. I will say no more.


2- Branchie - Niccolo' Ammanniti.  (“Gills”)

I read it again, for the 3rd or 4th time. Ammanniti is definitely one of the most creative writers I have ever read. I wonder what kind of drugs he uses to be able to come up with such incredible stories!!!


3- Il Cavaliere Inesistente - Italo Calvino

Ever green. Always classy and elegant. One of the very best Italy has (had) to offer


4- Sin Noticias de Gurb - Eduardo Mendoza  (“No word from Gurb”)

If you want something to laugh. I almost peed my pants.


5- The Power of Now- Eckart Tolle

Cause it’s good to be reminded to live in the present.

“Hic et Nunc” in latin. “Here and Now”. 







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