“Giulia Millanta is an extremely talented lady with a gift for lyrics and arrangement second to none. She will be around for a long time to come. “ (Blues Matters)


“Songs toggle between folk and jazz, with mellow arrangements supporting her strong, intense vocals. Her voice cuts through the mix. But she is also able to tap into an emotional space that lends a weight to her vocals–even when she’s practically whispering them.” (Glide Magazine)

“…Stories both reflective and gripping. Conversation With a Ghost teeters on Giulia Millanta's astral plane as her most bold work yet. “ (The Austin Chronicle)

“Worldly, sometimes otherworldly sound that makes Millanta unique among Austin singer-songwriters “ (Peter Blankstock- Austin 360)

"The songs encompassing this album are diverse, timeless, and inventive." (Viola Krause - Making a scene)

"Conversation With A Ghost is one to sit back and absorb, whiskey in hand. Each track has something to offer, but the album itself certainly feels like it has been created as a whole, rather than a sum of individual parts." (Tim Brooks -Angry Baby)

“These songs feel like thoughtfully considered emotional and spiritual theme sketches” (John Kereiff- The Rock Doctor)

"The best and scariest thing about Giulia Millanta is not just that she is truly a tightrope walker herself but that she continually pulls you out there with her--with melodies, singing, stories, imagery.  No matter what language her lyrics may be in--and I've lost count of how many her lyrics use here--she's always understandable because her music is, like any fine art, universally recognizable. I can't wait for her next one."- Dave Marsh


"She is a deeply evocative singer with a dash of Piaf, a sprinkle of Lady Day, a pinch of Norah Jones and a teaspoon of Madeleine Peroux." - Michael Greenblatt ( The Aquarian Weekly )


"Un disco che si ascolta con partecipazione emotiva, perché mostra il lavoro sincero di chi rischia la propria fragilità alla ricerca di nuovi equilibri." - Gabriele Longo (Chitarra Acustica)


"Bilingual musical hybrids are not uncommon in Austin, but Millanta’s disc stands out because four of its tracks are sung not in Spanish but in Italian, her native language. Millanta presents tasteful and enchanting acoustic music with ace backing from the likes of bassist Glenn Fukunaga, cellist Brian Standefer and David Pulkingham. A brilliant wild card is her adaptation of Husker Du’s “She Floated Away,” which Millanta turns into an exquisite waltz." -

"These songs are smart and pensive...and they feature cool winding melodies and reflective lyrics. Millanta's got a great voice. She's one of those singers who manages to come across sounding incredible while simultaneously making it all sound so easy. " -


"Millanta has created a highly original style to call her own. On “The Funambulist“ expect a carefully crafted 

collection of music showcasing 13 bold pieces that make no attempts to sugarcoat the truth. The end result creates a foundation for memorable and emotionally gripping songs that are extremely human as they are fascinating. Each song courageously goes against the grain of what’s out there now." - Tori Quenett edited by Janne Zawa (


"I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a clairvoyant snapshot that is highly original, uplifting and dare I say brilliantly catchy in scope." - RJ Frometa (

"Her voice really seals the deal for me in the end, especially how high and low along the emotional spectrum she travels." - David Epps (

"I want someone like Millanta to sing me a timeless melody. Her voice and musical signature are to say the least magnificent" - Julie Ferris (

"We start off with the intro banger “Ma Voix” where your mind and body will ignite and have no choice but to get into this music. Her approach as a singer songwriter conveys a range of tones, from melancholic solo pieces to feisty and danceable folk songs as performed through English, Italian, Spanish and French. Her music transcends cultural boundaries stylistically as evoked in her lyrics ability to portray universal life experiences." - Gavin Lee (

"The songwriting is very impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next independent artist. Within each one of these pieces Millanta bares her clairvoyant soul and delivers what I would call pure musical mojo. It offers much in the way of a psychedelic 'grooveability'. Amazing songwriting and vocal touch. She has an effective visual. The overall vibe of the production is dark, melodic and slightly dangerous." - Michael Terry (


"The Funambulist by Giulia Millanta is an incredibly fluid musical statement from beginning to end. It provides brilliant artistic vision from an amazing singer and subsequent musical visionary that’s deserving of far wider recognition than this review.  Perfect pacing, intriguing compositions and a stellar voice have her scoring big here with me!" - Dana Pearson (


"All songs are like vivid bursts of energy. There are 3 things I really like about “The Funambulist “. For one I didn’t want to shoot myself with my pen like I do with most bands from Texas lately. No worries there. Two: this CD may be the most impressionable, artsy, magical and artistic CD’s I’ve heard this year. Third: Giulia Millanta and her production team has the courage to write and play music the way she want to, the way it was meant to. This CD by Giulia Millanta has no weaknesses and is exactly as the title says: “More Human Than God.” It’s amazing! She’s amazing! What more can I say?" - Derek Prunier (

"It’s an album full of delights and surprises, closing up with the theatrically spoken title track, where, against classical influenced piano, she talks of the vertigo of the unknown and the balance between wisdom and madness. She’s music’s answer to Charles Blondin." - Mike Davies (roots-and-branches)

“Giulia’s words are refreshingly real, full of hip concepts and well turned phrases seated in interesting melodies. Listening to her songs for the first time is like finally finding that great book or being drawn into a movie where you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.” -  Kimmie Rhodes

"First of all I'm a fan of Giulia's! She appears as a rocker with the voice of a songbird and songs with the insight and edge of a truly gifted artist." - Michael Fracasso

"these songs come from the heart and the mind, what takes place is seen through the singers eyes, what is felt is what she feels, and oh she is curious, feisty, humorous, yet introspective." - Next Best Thing Music