"I love writing. Being it the lyrics of my songs or blog posts, I love putting my thoughts and my life in words to share them with my friends, my followers, my fans. Whatever strikes me in the world, what I love and what I hate, what happens in my life: these are the kind of thoughts that originate my songs and my music.

Come with me into my world and feel free to share, interact with and comment on my posts."

XXX, Giulia

October 31, 2017

- clowns (it’s called Coulrophobia)

- traffic jams in long tunnels 

- people that don’t look you in the eyes

- insects ( I know they can’t hurt me…It’s a phobia )

- wars

- those who can easily press a button and blow us all off

- cancer

- drivers too close to my bumper (they...

October 23, 2017

I could say hate but it is too strong a word…

- insects, especially cockroaches and skinny legged ones like praying mantises

- being shocked by static electricity when I get out of the car 

- chestnuts

- plastic and styrofoam (especially in the oceans)

- waste of all sorts:...

October 16, 2017

List #1: Things I love

(no order)

- music (well…everyone knew that already!)

- my folks on either side of the pond. They are my family. They keep me real!!

- guitars

- horses

- the smell of horses

- sun-dried tomatoes

- the wind. it could be a gentle summer breeze or a strong...

October 2, 2017

Have you ever kissed a toad?

I have. For the very first time in my life in Terlingua, Tx.

I had never done it before.

I found this cute little brown toad hanging out in front of the bathroom door at the Starlight Theatre where I was playing.

I picked him up, held him in th...

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