"...profound lyrics, sung in a kind of bird-with a-broken-wing appeal. Moonbeam Parade' is worth marching down to your favorite record store for." - Mike Greenblatt (Classicalite)


“Giulia's got a really great emotive voice that's the perfect centerpiece for her songs. “- Babysue


“eclectic, adventurous, well-sung CD. There is some lyrically rich original material here”- Jeff Burger (No Depression)


“She brings a Euro sensibility to this that feels like a pomo vibe you just can’t put your finger on. Confessional singer/songwriter material filtered through millennial eyes” - Chris Spector (Midwest Record)


“Moonbeam Parade is raw, powerful and beautiful, often all at the same time- some seriously deep stuff.

It’s a deep, sometimes dark record that looks at life in ways that may make you feel a bit uncomfortable.”- John Kereiff (Rock Doctor)


“Hauntingly beautiful with intense imagery and insightful lyrics, hits you in the gut before setting you free.”- Jane Roser (That Music Mag)


“A fascinating album that defies genre categorization”- Peter Blackstock (The Statesman Austin)


 “A cabaretically inclined vocalist dragging rock and roll over to a side alley not too many, unfortunately, have essayed. Those who have, though, have succeeded very nicely - David Bowie, Rupert Wates, Tom Waits, Marianne Faithful, John Cale, etc. - and Millanta can confidently place herself among them.”- Mark Tucker (Veritas Vampirus)