The Funambulist by Giulia Millanta

I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a clairvoyant snapshot that is highly original, uplifting and dare I say brilliantly catchy in scope."

RJ Frometa


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1. Vanishing

2. Silent and Proud

3. Little Girl

4. Fountain of Rage

5. Bodyless

6. Ghosts

7. Gift

8. Shell of Sounds

9. Hotel

10. Hitch Hiking


Giulia and The Dizzyness has Anglo-Saxon roots and mixes the folk-acoustic tradition with new sounds. An album of nocturnal and shady atmosphere able to deeply touch the listener's soul.

Giulia Millanta was a lonesome, wayward child, a turbulent adolescent with a restless soul, and a single-minded young woman whose greatest passions were wine, sun-dried tomatoes, horses, and, of course, music. 
In fact she started to play the guitar and sing old, traditional folk songs at a tender age. She was born in Florence, but has always been something of a gypsy. 

Her search for a personal form of expression, which accrued over the years, distinguished her first work, "Giulia and the Dizzyness," released in May of 2008 on Cavern Jatt Records. The album has Anglo-Saxon roots and mixes the folk-acoustic tradition with new sounds. 

The CD release tour brought Giulia to several cities throughout Italy and England, and to New York, where she performed at clubs such as Arlene's Grocery, Goodbye Blue Monday, and Nightingale Lounge. 

She performed at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, where she won the Carisch Award "New Sounds of Acoustic Music", in May of 2010.