The Funambulist by Giulia Millanta


Giulia Millanta - Vocals, Baritone Guitar, Whistle, Resophonic Ukulele

Paolo Loppi - Electric Guitar

Matteo Addabbao - Organ

Lorenzo Forti - Bass

Donald Renda - Drums

Michael Manning - Fretless Bass

Ettore Bonaté - Percussion

Gianfilippo Boni - Snaps

Fulvio A.T. Renzi - Violin

Stefano 'Cocco' Cantini - Saxophone

Lorenzo Bertocchini - Background Vocals

Paolo Perego - Egg Shaker, Tambourine

Produced by: Giulia Millanta

...a voice and refereshing style that needs to be heard." 


...curious, fiesty, humurous, yet introspective."

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  1. Right between the eyes

  2. Madame

  3. The tunnels of my brain

  4. Dropping down

  5. A long dark road

  6. Satan’s speech

  7. Skulls and crossbones

  8. Intro

  9. The old man

  10. Hotel

  11. Paranoid

  12. Floating